BJUMC Choir Wants YOU!!

The BJUMC Choir Wants YOU for Fun, Fellowship and Fulfilling Its Musical Ministry!

PeanutsChoirBishop Janes’ Choir wants to add your voice to the chorus!  This integral part of our church’s ministry is looking to expand its music ministry’s reach, and needs your help to do it.

You don’t need to have Pavarotti’s pipes to join—just a willingness to be part of great group of people and have fun while engaging in a wonderful, transformative faith experience—and studies show that singing is good for your health and wellbeing!

Still not convinced?  Here are some testimonials by current and former choir members:

“I joined the choir 12 years ago because I love music and wanted to learn how to sing.  I had played musical instruments in my youth, but I had virtually no choral experience before BJUMC….There’s nothing more rewarding than blending our voices together in song to praise God while uplifting the spirits of the congregation of BJUMC.”

“Joining the choir unleashed the artist in me.  I always loved music, but had no training or choral experience.  When I joined the choir, with the support of my musical friends and the teaching of maestro “Composer John” I was soon making sweet harmony….I look forward to Thursday night rehearsals and performances on Sundays for the joy of making good music and the comraderie of my fellow singers.”

“I love the green Robes! ;-)…The church is blessed by such an amazing music staff – they can make even me sound good!”

So, what are you waiting for?  Contact Music Director John Kaefer at  to become part of a fun, fulfilling ministry for the church!