Membership Committee

Purpose:  The function of the membership committee is best accomplished by serving the spiritual needs of our members and the community and by fostering everyone’s relationship with God.

We seek to serve the needs of members, prospective members, regular nonmember attendees and visitors alike.  We want to achieve hospitality before evangelism and make sure we are welcoming to people of all races, incomes, ages, genders and sexual orientations and other measures of diversity.

Why Bishop Janes…

We are here if you are looking for a church you can call home

Been away from church for a while and want to get back in with a community of faith

Hoping to make the church experience rewarding for your children

In need of a supportive, welcoming church family

Want to be a part of a church that supports those less fortunate

Want a place where you can either be very involved or just attend services as you are comfortable

….then Bishop Janes United Methodist Church is just the place for you!

Team Members for 2014

Committee Chairperson: Janet Kaefer