Missions Corner

Looking for missions service opportunities?  There are always ways to serve God and the community.  Check them out below.

  • Rachael Edelson's Misson Trip to Uganda Summer 2013

    In the summer of 2013, Rachael Edelson participated in a mission trip to Uganda. She taught 30 children ages 4-7 at Faith Children's Foundation and taught public health lessons at a local health clinic in the town of Bulenga.

    Please click on the link below to view her amazing trip:

    Uganda Mission Trip 2013



  • Ridge Oak's Mission

    The mission of Ridge Oak Senior Housing is to seek to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for all residents. Ridge Oak is committed to meeting the needs of the elderly by providing quality affordable housing supplemented by support services and programs that promote safety and self-sufficiency.

    Our goal is to maintain and foster positive self-esteem and self-sufficiency for all our residents. In order to accomplish this goal we treat each resident with dignity, respect and compassion.

    To learn more about Ridge Oak Senior Housing click the link below:

    Ridge Oak Senior Housing

  • God's Co-Op Food Pantry
    This food pantry is a milt-church effort to feed the hungry in Bernardsville and Basking Ridge.  Please donate the following items listed below.  Donation may be brought to the church kitchen and placed in the box marked God's Co-Op.

    February - Canned Corn
    March - Canned Sliced Pears

    The pantry is in need of helpers.  We have several helpers from Bishop Janes that go and help with stocking and bagging.  It would be great to have a couple more!  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Karen Cokewood at 908-221-9323.

    Food Bank
    The food bin for donations are being collected in the Dutcher Center.

    Please help in supporting the Somerset County Food Bank.  You may bring to worship each Sunday (or during the week) jars or canned food items, including boxes of cereal, pasta, tomato sauce, and other non- perishable food items.  Also most needed are canned soups/stews, as well as canned chicken and tuna fish along with peanut butter.

    Thank you for giving of yourselves for so many in need!