Small Groups

Seek… Act… Love… Together!

Imagine a place where everybody knows you.  Imagine a place where people laugh, cry and pray with you.

SALT group is just the place!  SALT Groups provide places where you can experience that kind of community.  We believe spiritual growth happens best when you’re connected in authentic relationships with God and others.  Studying God’s word in a group setting is a rewarding experience!

Think of it as linking up with traveling companions for your spiritual journey.

What is a SALT group?

SALT Groups are smaller gatherings of people of 10-12 who are pursuing spiritual growth together as they…

  • Seek God – Growing in our personal relationship with God
  • Act – putting our faith into action to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ
  • Love – God and others with all our hearts, minds and our strength
  • Together!  You are welcome to attend a meeting to check it at at any time.

When do we meet?

  • Sundays following worship service at approximately 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. in church classrooms 3/4

Please email Ted Schroeder <> if you would like to join or call the church office.

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