Small Groups

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Please join us for our 6 week Lenten Bible study!!

Restored: Finding Redemption In Our Mess

Ever wonder how you got into this mess? And whether anyone is around to help you clean it up? Whether the mess we find ourselves in has to do with relationships, work, finances, health, family, addictions, legal issues, or just some accident or mistake, God is ready to get messy with us, address the mess, and restore us.

5 Classes Available:

Sundays at 7:15pm starts Feb. 11th

Youth Room, Marissa van der Valk

Tuesdays at 11:30am starts Feb. 13th

Conference Room, Pastor Eunice

Tuesdays at 7pm starts Feb. 13th

Liz Elliott’s house (click name to email Liz for address)

Thursdays at 12:30pm starts Feb. 15th

on Skype, Glenn Van Buskirk

Sundays at 10:45am starts Feb. 18th

Conference Room, Sam Perez

Please contact Pastor Eunice (click name to email)  if you would like to sign up for this exciting class. Please let her know the date and time you wish to attend.